We Are Better Than This.

We are better than this.
We are better than the fights.
We are better than the shootings.
We are better than the filming of these events.
We are better than the numbness we have to tragedy.
We are better than adding more hate into hatred acts.

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My People Don’t Have a Country and It’s Okay.

Living abroad where all the people are of one culture, who have an established country, and a cohesive civilization between the same borders, people often don’t understand nor even fathom, what it is like to not have a country of your own. It’s like: always feeling like a stranger in the country you were born in. […]

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To All the Love I Received Choosing Taboo.

It has been a year since the release of a momental film in the Hmong community of Minnesota, Taboo by the team of Cam Yang and Steven N. Yang. Not many people may know, and it is probably more credit than I deserve, but this was a film inspired by my taboo story, along with a variety […]

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To the Men Who Broke the Woman Who Just Loved Loving You.

How do I say this in a way that you will hear me? Hear me pleading for the Hmong women who didn’t know better and could only do the best they could to love you. How can I say it in a way that doesn’t coddle and cushion what you did and have no interest […]

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What I Learned When I Put My Grandma in Front of the Camera

It must be the timing of life, but documenting our family stories and elders seem to be in more need than ever. Or maybe we, in this generation, are just older now so it’s more relevant. I’ve lost all the elders in my life that I didn’t realize I’d have to say goodbye to one day, and […]

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The Last of Our Elders: 23 to 105.

On the funeral day of one of our greatest grandmothers (Youa Chang), we lost the very last of our Yang clan’s oldest elders: our great-grandfather, Nyiaj Ntxawg Yaj. 2017 has been funeral after funeral for our family. Maybe like all. Or maybe it is the time. But at the news of every death, there is a pause. Pause. All […]

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For All the Couples Who Cannot Publicly Celebrate Today.

For all the couples who cannot publicly celebrate today…taboo couples, couples in hiding, couples who cannot speak of their existence: I hope you celebrate your love proudly and fully today. For the beautiful unification that you are, the ability to love beyond society’s norms; be it gender, race, social status, disapproval, or last name; the capacity […]

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To the Angels that were taken from Heaven: My Hmong Women.

To heal through my breakup, I did a variety of research; to dismantle my experience and understand a world outside mine. One of them, was to learn of heartbreaks other than mine, to see amazing people survive out of these dark times. Dark times that were even darker than mine; because someone will always have […]

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My ‘Coming Out’ Story.

Yesterday was #NationalComingOutDay and I could only admire in silence, all the stories of triumph, bravery and self-acceptance that the individuals I have been blessed to know, have lived through. An experience that I know even a 63,206 Facebook post character limit couldn’t do justice to. But I realize, I never got to live my ‘coming out’ day. Because […]

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