Category: Poetry

[Poem] Unanswered.

Unanswered. Unanswered are the calls, that ring at a time I was used to, but are faded into a distant memory; almost like deja vu. Like, what do I say if I pick up? There’s only one greeting my lips are accustomed to at such a┬átime, and it wouldn’t be for you. Strange. Unanswered are…

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She’s Fire.

She believes she’s fire. At times, it’s the kind that shines. At times, it’s the kind that hurts. They say stars are more beautiful from afar. Because up close, they burn. Maybe that’s what she is. And I think she’s comfortable with it. Maybe the future will bring people equipped to survive it. For now,…

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Is it Possible.

Is it possible? That I cannot see all the ugly in me deep enough? I can’t see all that’s actually really there. All that makes it so unbearable that I’m not even worth wasting a breath on to explain why one must escape┬áme? Is it possible? That I cannot see all the beauty in me…

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Healing comes in waves. Sometimes the waves are higher, sometimes, smaller. Sometimes the waters are calm. The water is clear. And you can see the shore again. Dear, I ask that you allow every ounce of your body to enjoy that moment. Find the corners of your lips lifting. Find that bittersweet smile in knowing…

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