Nakita Chyalia (Tshiab Liag) Vang
Hmong, 23, Empath, and Currently residing in South Korea. Eldest of three; daughter of a passionate entertainment family. Writer, dancer, event planner, performer, and fashion enthusiast. Dreamer Doer

Welcome to notesfromnakitanotes because I find healing in writing notes of inspiration and emotions to myself. fromnakita because I now want to share them with you.

Because life is too short to not tell our stories, and life is too long not to connect over sharing them. As I share mine, please share yours.

Spreading light of self-love, healing, and the journey of being Hmong. To be a light, to be an ear, to be a voice, and to be a reminder that no one has to be alone. Don’t hesitate to send #notestonakita on my contact page!