Overcoming Fear: What’s Stopping You?

Happy Monday and happy first day of October!

It’s officially the month of spooky things and the start of festivities. Honestly my favorite time.

But I just wanted to be a small reminder for you to check in with your current fears before the end of the year (crazy it’s already here).

Because sometimes, our greatest fears are the key to unlocking our greatest potential.

And we’re just one decision away from changing that.

The thing that stops us most, are ourselves; our thoughts, the “what-ifs” and the “buts.”

And maybe because I’m also tackling some of my fears this week too.

Fears that just don’t make sense for me to have.

It’s easier said than done; I know.

So my #lifehack for you this week, is some self-talk.

With every fear and doubt you have, challenge them, and imagine your best friend coming to you with the same exact thoughts.

That friend that you think is just so beautiful, talented, and that the world is so lucky to have and would love but just don’t yet know of.

You would never let that friend settle for a what if or but.

Because you know they are perfect for the things they dream to do, because no one else can do it like them, and because you can just feel it in your gut that they will succeed so much, and be so happy doing so.

And now I ask for you to believe that for yourself because I know out there, is a friend who is thinking the same about you too whether you believe it or not.

Stop your negative self-doubt with a mantra, with reminding yourself that you are enough so why not. Don’t let yourself settle for any excuses. No excuses.

Because as my best friend says: “For every shot you didn’t take, is a shot you missed.”

It’s so uncomfortable living with fear and letting it control us for the rest of our lives. Life is too long, and too short for us to not do all the things we love and dream to do. Because, at least we know we lived trying.


Will you join me this week in facing what scares you?


Please let me know if you enjoyed this piece and feel free to let me know if you have any requests you would like me to write or even do videos on. I would love to help!




Photo by Lane Smith on Unsplash

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