What Would You Pursue Without Social Media?

One of my girlfriends came over and posed a question she had read from her daily scroll of Instagram: “What would you pursue without social media?”

As social media has been proven to be one of the top business tools and career options, it has become more pressuring to rely on beyond just popularity, connecting with others, and posting your daily life.

But, sometimes I wonder if it takes away more than it adds to our life in terms of career opportunities.

Social media opened up a huge pathway to creatives and tech savvy enthusiasts unbiased to all ages and niches.

But what about the number of us who still don’t seem to fit in this tech and fast-pace trending world?

There’s no right or wrong. I just wanted to send out a reminder to all the talents out there to keep speaking their truth and doing what calls them without abandoning ship to jump on the high train of something that looks easier and faster to success.

Because no matter what we do, the hard work and time is the same. It’s just about what is worth it for you.

Life is not a race; it doesn’t matter how much you rush things, it won’t change what is meant to happen or the timing of the universe.

Things will fall into place.

So it’s just about how you want to spend your time.

I also think it’s a great time to remind you that success and happiness are not synonymous.

Refer to this wonderful video from David Tian Ph.D. who pulls from an 80 year Harvard research study that explains why happiness is not what we have, but who we have and the quality of relationships we maintain in our lives.

I share this because, sometimes thinking about “what we want to do” and “who we want to become” takes us away from living life.

Life isn’t only comprised of the big moments, the achievements, and the titles.

It’s also all those little moments and in those little moments are the people we love most who make it special.

So don’t feel afraid to take it day by day with the ones you love who make you feel yourself most.

Listen to the compliments they give you. There you will find a reflection of your talents, what makes people drawn to you, what takes their breath away from admiration in real life or on social media.

Tap into the things that come natural to you. The things that maybe people come to you for advice for. The things that you seem to just do any time, any where because it never feels like a chore. The things that you don’t realize you manage to save up money for to execute and just do because it is important to you, it compels you, and it just makes you feel alive.

If it’s a traditional 9-5 job, it’s okay, do that. If it is a leadership position of an organization, it’s okay do that. If it’s photography, go for it. If it’s social media or marketing, go for it. Baking, don’t even hesitate. Whatever it is, it was gifted to you for a reason and even if there are many others out there doing it, I am sure there is no one who can do it the way you do it.

Social media is great, it is wonderful, powerful, and can do wonders. But if you like capturing your little moments to yourself, and being more connected in your real world than the virtual world, that’s okay. Because that in itself is the success of your happiness.

And striving from a happy place, can never go wrong in my book.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “What Would You Pursue Without Social Media?

  1. theOwl30 says:

    If Happiness is not what we have, but who we have, then as soon as you’re 85 or older and have outlived your friends and are alone, then you are instantly not happy, because your connections have passed away and you’ve outlived them. So, unless you’ve also made new ones, you will be alone. And if you are alone, you aren’t “connected”. And if you aren’t connected, would this Harvard study say you cant be happy?

    Just because it’s from “Harvard”, do not automatically cave-in to “authority”. While connections can give us Joy, the real question is: could you, still find joy, even without them? This does not mean that we seek to be alone, only that our life is not automatically ruined because of it.


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