For When the Pain of the World is Weighing on Your Heart.

For the days that you find the pain of the world touching your soul, when your freshly bandaged heart, constantly finds the finger prints of wounds inflicted on it…

For all the moments you’ve just gained a breath of fresh air, to know you have to hold it long enough to go back under for one more wave.

For the times, your hearts and lungs just stop in your chest, for another moment you hope would soon past.

It will be okay. You will be okay. You always have and you always will.

For this moment, I hope you could let go of all the fears and thoughts, perhaps resentment and anger, to just concentrate on your inner most self. Be gentle with yourself. Look, love, and listen inwards

Put yourself on an elevated pedestal while this tsunami passes. Heal you, love you, and find the beauty in you.

Put on that favorite suit, that favorite lipstick, see yourself through the lens you shine most. Talk about the things you love, refocus. Just refocus and be in tune with your life and whether the path it is going, is the path you want.

There are bigger things than the things that hurt you; You.

For all the days when the pain of the world is weighing on your heart, be the one that treats your heart the lightest.

Because there is nothing more important, than the way you love yourself. For we cannot control how life treats us, but we can control what we make of it.

Nothing lasts forever. This too, shall pass.



Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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