A Thank You to the One Who Broke Me.

I don’t like to say broke, because now that life makes sense, maybe you didn’t break me, perhaps you built me. To be who I am today.

Never in my life could I imagine a love after you.


But now there are times where I stop breathing, not because I’m crying in pain like I used to, but because I never knew a love so deep and a love so strong. A love so much that it takes my breath away.

And if I do cry, it’s because I’m just too happy. Too happy, it can’t be real.

A thank you and a sorry, for all the times I made you feel small and not good enough, all the times I was trying to water you to grow, when in reality, I was looking for someone totally new. Someone that was not even a bit like you. And I held onto all the pieces of you that might match all that I denied dreaming of.

Thank you for seeing that in us first. Seeing that we were not made for each other. And for the overwhelming amount I loved and held onto you, we needed an overwhelming amount of damage to wake me free from you; from my illusion of what I wanted you to be.

For the pain you brought me, you broke built me for the greatest gift I have ever received.

He in every way, is everything you knew I always needed. I’m sorry I couldn’t see it sooner. For the things you were right about; knowing that one day all this would make sense to me, for one day either I or someone else would walk into my life so brightly that you’d become nothing but a faint memory.

He is now my present.

He is everything I ever dreamed of. And I thank you for stepping down from your place I held open for you for so long, for me to be ready for the day he came.

I am so loved, each and every moment of the day. And in return and as you know naturally to me, I truly love him so much, with every part of me.

Thank you for all the times you did genuinely try. May you find the love you always needed, for yourself and the world around you.

And thank you. For the best thing that ever happened to me.

The greatest gift you could have ever given me…..was another chance for me to be truly loved.

Thank you. 

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