To the Open Heart, Grieving the Love of Your Life.

An open heart, and not a broken one, because my love, even in the midst of the cracking you may feel, your heart is more open than ever; feeling more intensity than it ever has.

Whether your angel has left to heaven, or your angel has died with the rose-colored figment of your imagination, your heart will be grieving the loss of a world you once knew; a world you still love; a world you’d never trade; one you were so happy with.

And now that full heart of yours, is still so full, still overflowing with love; but is left with no where to give.

Take care of that beautiful heart. ❤

And feel the waves as each day comes; feel the breeze when the tide is high, and feel the coolness when the waters are calm.

Even if you have to tell yourself a new story everyday as to why things had to happen, of how to make sense of things, tell yourself and hold on. Tell it all, as long as you remember and accept bit by bit, of what no longer is.

Because for some, love has not yet come, but it blessed you with a visit, even as it now leaves you with shards.

It’s okay, because when something so joyful as love leaves, remnants of sadness is only natural.

It’s okay, because you gave it your all while it was here.

It’s okay, because life is a cycle of ups and downs, beginnings and ends, things that make sense, and things that sense is never made of.

I won’t tell you that it’s okay because love will come again, or that, the next love will be even better. Because when our hearts are mourning, better or another is not what we are aching for.

But it is okay, because your heart is now the most open it has been up to this point in life.

Open because now your compassion; your empathy; your ability to feel, is deeper than the you before this heartache. Open because, in broken moments like these, are the bravest souls and strongest warriors born.

And if it was a good love, you have tasted something so rare that many only dream of. The body may no longer be here, but that love stays with you forever. A love that didn’t leave your self-esteem and perception of self-worth torn and depleted;  but a love that built you. A love to sustain you and help you stand to the world, highlighting the beautiful soul that you are. A love to set the bar for the rest to come, a love to remind you and others to not treat you any less than what you deserve. A love to keep your head up on gloomy days, to brave you on stormy days, and a love to only add smiles to your sunny days. This is a love that can keep you loved even with no physical presence, more than a love that is still here but only harms you.

And if it was a bad love, you have tasted your strength; your endurance; your truly unconditional love; your deep soul; your beyond-beautiful heart, your grace, and your ability to genuinely love one heart until the end of time. Your loyalty, beauty, and love is rare. I love the way you love, and I absolutely know, one day, someone will love the way you love too. It was not a love to nurture you, but it was a love to lay as a blanket of darkness, for a star like you to truly shine as all that you are. This is the love that previews only the beginning of what you have to offer the world. This love will be a blessing in disguise to guide you to your truest blessings to come.

Open heart, there are no words to take this pain away, but I pray that you heal. Heal to the timeline of your heart, to the beat of your own drum. Find the silver lining in each day, and please, please hold on, hold on in a way that lets go.

Because we love that you are here. And perhaps you are still here to carry out the rest of the mission you were given, to spread the love you still have in that wounded heart of yours. There is nothing braver than a heart that still loves and heals others, when they themselves are healing too. Please know, that even though our battles are meant to win and learn alone, we do not have to maneuver them alone. Look around, there may be more open hearts around you than you know. 🙂


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