The Most Expensive Thing You Can Afford Post Grad & How It Can Make You Richer.

So, I quit my job today.

Normally, people would wait this out and blog about it after successfully launching a million dollar gig overnight of some sort.

I don’t have any of that. And although that would be an awesome, glorified story of “Why Quitting My Job Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me,” life isn’t always made up of those moments.

Moments like these, that are dark and raw, and absolutely unknown, are the real everyday struggles that build up those stories.

Have you ever seen yourself wither away?

It’s saddening. All the things that shine about you, dim.

I’m an event planner, I don’t forget, I’m highly organized, I’m an overachiever. To a fault.

But at one point, I couldn’t remember important meetings, I couldn’t even remember the tasks I was just assigned to, or the conversation I just had.

You go on autopilot. Zombie-mode.

There is nothing that excites you day after day.

So I quit my job. *cue the disapproving looks*

But I did it in hopes to save myself. I’ve never been this way.

Not because my job was bad, but because we were like lovers that simply outgrew each other.

For millennials, it must be a double edge sword to be so hung up on passion.

We do amazing things because we thrive off it, but we are dead inside and unable to just settle for survival without it.

Older adults don’t understand us. And we look like we know nothing about reality and we’re living our life on a whim.

But I truly think we’re onto something. I think we have a chance to make our generation the happiest generation yet. To break barriers, and live a life we love, truthfully and authentically.

That’s why I believe:

The Most Expensive Thing You Can Afford Post Grad: is Failure.

It can make us richer; richer in happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and perhaps even monetarily.

And we have the most capacity to do so right now. If you’re anything like me, you’re single, you have no young lives depending on you, no house to your name, nothing keeping you here to be one thing and only one thing.

Right now is the time, to do all that you want to do. And fail at it. So you can learn from it. Because we’re still “young” and still “figuring it out.” Right now, is the time to go crazy and inconsistent with your wardrobe: crop tops one day, suits another. Right now is the time to date the wrong people, to be in the wrong places, in order to find the right people, and to move in the right places.

Right now is the time, because you won’t have right now again.

So don’t be afraid to fail. And do all that you dream. Because while shooting for the moon, you could at least land on a star.

You will find it. Just do. And just be. You.

Signing off this post early today. The sun is out after a visit of snow, so I’m going out for a walk. 🙂


With Love & Warm Hugs,

Nakita ❤

8 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Thing You Can Afford Post Grad & How It Can Make You Richer.

  1. MegKeough says:

    omg! I admire your courage to leave your job, and I’m super jealous I don’t have the balls to. I’m always preaching about how I just want to find a job I love doing, because otherwise, what’s the point? I related to everything in this post. Best of luck in the search for your next job & chapter of life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. notesfromnakita says:

      Do not be jealous, Megan! 🙂 All being shown here is courage, and courage is in everyone. You will do what feels right according to your own clock. Take your time. Your awareness and hunger for more is proof that you are doing amazing! Not everyone gets that in their lifetime. You will find that job. WE will 🙂 Every moment in life will have it’s ups and downs and we just have to enjoy the silver lining in each. THANK YOU! And absolutely good luck to you too! Cheers to us & our adventures to come 🙂


    1. notesfromnakita says:

      Stacy! Thank you. Thank you so much for the love and encouragement! Wonderful people like you, are the ones who help people like me, be ourselves. 🙂


    1. notesfromnakita says:

      Hello Dear, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving the love! Sending you so much love as well! ❤ Please know I appreciate it so much!


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