Nothing Left.

I spend my days doing my best to be present; I spend my days loving the people around me. I spend my days observing and memorizing the smallest of details in my home, my surroundings, the habits and characteristics of loved ones.

But as much as I love where I’ve always been,

I think there is nothing left for me here, right now.

Do you know what I mean?

It’s not that there aren’t adventures to have where I am; it’s not that the people, the places, the things are not enough. It’s not that I have no where left to explore.

It’s just that,

I want more.

I want so much more. I want to taste more, I want to see more, I want to hear more, I want to feel more. I want to grow more.

It hit me, while standing in the aisle of the local grocery store I’m always in when food runs out, while sitting at the window of my desk at work, walking on the campus I graduated from, rotating through all the fun places I know.

And I can’t do this anymore. Not right now.

Here doesn’t need me right now, and there seems to be nothing I can give Here.

Home is where I want to come back to, settle down and raise my children one day–or to reunite with family after a long journey away.

But home, for what I’m starving for inside, is somewhere out there.

And I just need to go.

I need to go.

Do you?

Post Grad Blues: Level 1000.



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  1. I know that feeling!

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