15 Lessons from Meeting My Soul’s Current Reflection Today.

When we spend most days alone with our thoughts, it’s easy to fluctuate from negative and positive self-talks; clouding the possibility of a clear perception of who we are.

But I must really believe in the grace of Life’s Timing; I, by miraculous chance, sat across my soul’s most current reflection today.

What I thought was two old friends catching up after lost time, was actually two newborn souls greeting each other for the first in their life.

We are constantly changing every single day, it’s almost so easy to miss how much the people around us have changed or grown; including ourselves. And it really takes a deep conversation, of no phones, of no rantings, of no surface level chatting, to really know, see, and feel that.

He was absolutely everything I had been searching for inside myself lately. He said all my deepest desires, my biggest dreams, my silent struggles, my lifetime of realizations, and my purpose that I had never mentioned to another soul, ever (other than my wonderful mother). One by one, he put on the table everything I had quietly collected, and buried deep in my body, waiting for a time I could construct them in a way that would make sense and I could see them. I was in shock. I was in awe. I was in a daze. I was awake. I was real.

I was in love. 

I was utterly and deeply in love, with this reflection of Me

After swimming, drowning, resurfacing, and laying still in the construction of waves, today I got a glance of what she looked like thus far.

She was great. Nakita is great.

And it took me sitting across the body of a wonderful friend who I admired, to see the current version of myself. To hear myself vocally introduce the product of my life’s events up until now; of who I decided to write myself as today. It wasn’t a pity story, it was a true story of everything that I was and became. And along with that, I was gifted today’s lessons that I just knew I had to share.

  1. There is truly a time for everything: A time where you need to lose who you were to get ready for who you are going to be, a time where you are now lost transitioning, to an awakened time when you are in the works of becoming, and with clarity, a time when you are being. I believe life will be a repeat of this process when time calls for it. We just have to be ready and accepting.
  2. Vocabulary is both a great tool and obstacle to finding, defining, and discovering ourselves, as it is hard to define ourselves as certain things without knowing the terminology for it. Part of life’s journey is finding these empowering, authentic words and keeping them for ourselves.
  3. It is possible for emotions to validly co-exist. You can hurt as you heal. Be sad as you are happy. Relieved as distraught. Brave as afraid. They are all okay. Acknowledge them all.
  4. You will never completely know anyone in life, so don’t get comfortable. It’s wonderful to meet new people, but don’t take for granted the opportunity to continue meeting the new versions of the people who have always been around you. Your mother, your best friend, your childhood buddy, your lover: give it a try.
  5. You can only meet others as deep as you have met yourself.
  6. There is a beauty in letting people go their ways in life and meeting them at the next checkpoint in time. The beauty of “you so need to leave: go” in means of sending them off to learn all they can in their next adventure until the next time you meet to share all that you have cultivated in the time apart. The world is so vast and life is so deep. We’re like a team that ventures the world and reconvenes to share knowledge for what we each couldn’t see.
  7. Be with people who ignite the spark in you by the fire that burns in their eyes when they talk about the things they love. You will find something you love there too.
  8. There are different people for different things in your life. You don’t necessarily need to pick and choose. You can keep them all if you can think of yourself as a community garden. One that has different plants that just needs different people to nurture and water each part of your diverse garden.
  9. Don’t ask what someone is going to do with their degree or life; ask them what keeps them awake at night; what makes them burn with passion, what they can’t stop thinking about, what they so know they will do one day, what their purpose is, what makes life worth living. It’ll be more interesting, promise.
  10. At one point in healing from heartbreak, you just gotta let go, set free and fall in love with absolutely everything; places, ideas, dreams, scents, feelings, life: yourself. If you seek love, you will find love. The world is beautiful and full of it.
  11. In all the wrong places, I have found the right things.
  12. There’s a beauty of being by yourself. It’s a chance for purifying and clarifying who you are: to You.
  13. If you keep doing what you love and is true to you, people will know and find you for it.
  14. To not fit in is wonderful. It means you’re being yourself because every individual is authentically unique. And unique does not fit in. You’re doing great.
  15. The Universe will always give you what you need when you need it. Trust me. Love when it is time to love, let go when it is time to let go, hurt when it is time to hurt, and heal when it is time to heal. Live as you are continuously given another chance to.

I haven’t said it in awhile but I will say it today:

With much love & warm hugs,

Nakita ❤


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