Why ‘Moana’ is the Greatest Disney Film Yet & Its 12 Truths on Living a Happy Life.

It’s always been a struggle for me to catch a movie with friends because I know I’m always going to be the biggest kid that chooses the newest Disney release as her first pick.

But absolutely no shame here—especially not with Disney’s 2016 release: Moana—my ultimate favorite Disney film of all times. For numerous reasons I am going to try and share without spoiling the magic for everyone. 

Moana, is the story of the daughter of a Pacific island’s chief, who is to rise as her father’s successor, struggles as her heart calls for elsewhere. This story unfolds, jam-packed with lessons for everyone, without a single prince charming or princess in sight. Even more than Frozen, Moana is absolutely a story of independence, growth, courage and self-love.

Who knew that at age 22, this Disney film could speak volumes of truth to me (and others), that I feel are so true and necessary for living the most authentic and fulfilling life that we can.

Here are 12 Truths Moana teaches us & why it’s the BEST:

  1. No thing, person, prince, pixie dust or title can define who you are and your worth. Your potential, worth and value doesn’t change just because the things around you do. You always have the power to change.
  2. Sometimes the people we believe will save and protect us, are the very ones who need saving. No one is perfect.
  3. We are happiest when we are doing the things we love, and being the person we want for ourselves to be. When we are happy, we have the greatest capacity to love. And if we have love, we’d have a lot of kindness. 🙂 Unhappiness comes when we ignore  or runaway from these things.
  4. Sometimes the people we believe we cannot succeed without, are just apart of the journey to teach us what we need, and are not equipped for where we are headed. 
  5. There is no evil, just a hardened heart of pain. Normal people don’t go around hurting others. Only hurt people do. If tended to and nurtured with love, they can soften and be their truest self.
  6. Everyone is lost and looking for their own place in the world, to be loved and secure. It would be a better place if we all remembered that and built each other up, because no person’s place will take the space of another. We’re all so different, we couldn’t be the same. 
  7. We all have the capacity to be as great and if not greater, than the ones we admire. It’s just a matter of taping into our own strengths and believing in ourselves.
  8. You are chosen for your life and circumstances because you are the only one with the strength to endure it. You pave your own path.
  9. If you can dream it, you can do it. And if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t ever stop chasing it. 
  10. The answers are always within you. Only you can answer life’s questions for yourself. Truly, take the time and courage to listen to yourself.
  11. We only have one life to live; the amount of time and energy you spend avoiding and silencing your callings, could be used to cultivate them and bloom into something bigger.
  12. We may not realize it, but we might all have that one person (mother, grandmother, friend, etc) who understands us even in our silence. And on the contrary, we have those who seem to never see eye-to-eye in what we want for ourselves, but we must remember, that they too, are coming from a place of love and care, and just want the best for us as well.

Well, that’s my wrap for Moana. It truly doesn’t do the impact of this film justice as I know there is so much more! For teaching not only young children but adults to follow their dream, love themselves for everything that they are, to have the courage to know that each and everyone of us is important, and that we all have strengths of our own that make the world a better place. How much the world would be restored if we each took the time and energy to be our highest, fullest, and most authentic selves. Happy Moana Watching! 😀


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  1. Great list! 🙂 Have you posted anything like this on any movie sites before?



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