When They’re Putting Their Heart in Your Hands Again.

There’s always a blur to what the guidelines are for when two people should or shouldn’t get back together from a bad breakup that the whole world now knows about. One that prompts permanent scars to heal from. One that will bring many outside opinions & create sides for people to pick and choose from.

But here’s to the ones who’ve returned to a person who has never left.

Know that they would never dream of it. Know that putting their shattered hearts, in which they’ve spent your time away; gluing, stitching, finding new pieces for the ones that are permanently gone, means that this is the last string of hope they have of the belief in the good of you. Know that they have earnestly healed themselves this far, and by giving you their heart again, you are again, receiving them at their best, and they are gambling that for you. Know very well, that they are pleading deep inside with tears in their eyes, that you learn to love yourself and see the good in yourself enough to love both you and them the way you both deserve. Know they are praying you take care of their heart and world this time around. Know that they won’t be here forever, know that they won’t always have this strength, and know that if they ever leave when they’ve stayed this long, that it will take them more strength to leave than it ever did just to love you. But know they will leave. Because they’ve learned to love themselves in the time you didn’t. Know what you’d lose if that time ever came. Because when everyone is searching for unconditional love and everlasting companion, you have enough of it right in front of you to love just you for the both of you.

And if you’re the one giving your heart again,

Don’t be afraid. Life is too short to not do the things you love, and life is too long to be unhappy. Follow that big heart of yours and always be intent. Because as long as you never stop loving yourself and the way your heart works, you will always pull yourself to where you need to be. This is your healing, and do whatever it takes to feel what you need to feel. You are wonderful.

And if you’re the rest of the world,

Know this person is not a fool. Know that there are no right answers to how we should live life. Know that no one has the book of how to do it right. Know that this is not a decision made overnight. Know that this person knows better than you of the nightmare they will have to reenter before making it through the other side. Know that no one dreams of this as their fairytale love story. Know that more than anyone, they know what the other has done and the reminders they will have to forever carry. Know that they would very best, know of how far they’ve come just to give their heart away again. And know that, they will make this decision knowing absolutely all of that, while knowing how the world will now perceive them. Because they made the decision to have hope, strength, and courage to choose love again.

If people are willing to change and grow to be the best them they can be to help make this world a better place, do not condemn them for the times they didn’t know, for the choices they now regret, and for the new chance of rebirth they are gambling to take. Trust that they’ve already met the karma of their past decisions: the last option of hope; to turn over a new leaf and be reborn when you’re still alive.

Be kind to yourself. Kindness goes a long way. ❤


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