My Perception of Life?

A friend asked me what my perception of life was. Something that not many take the time to sit me down and ask me of even after years of knowing me.

He wondered why it took so long for me to answer him.

I wondered too. But I told him:

Maybe because I’ve been cultivating my perception on life this whole year so extensively that when you ask, it makes me pause and take a moment to look at everything I cultivated.

Because this question is a special question to me so I am being careful.

My perception of life?

Well, I believe I shouldn’t complain no matter how hard things are or how much pain I’m in because no second comes twice. Every thought, every feeling, everything in this moment is special to this moment alone. I will never get it twice. And if I focus too much on the bad, I will miss out the good. So I take all that I can in each moment, even if I didn’t want to live. I believe everything happens for a reason. And I believe I am always where I need to be in order to become who I’m meant to be. I believe that the Universe has funny ways of working things. Everything is a lesson. We just have to be intent enough to learn it.

I believe that we are all pieces to a puzzle. We each have different narratives and experiences so that we learn things others can’t, in order to share pieces and teach each other what one has not yet learned.

No person is a mistake or accident in our life. Same as actions. Sometimes I feel that things are planned so that we learn what we need to in order to grow.

If the Universe feels you need growing, they will tear you apart and build you up. If the Universe feels that you need a hint of strength, it will send you a sign of love. Life events are cycles. Things will always pass. Nothing is forever.

Ultimately, I believe that I can always change my circumstances. I am my biggest battle. Just me and my own mind, no matter what others may cause me. I believe that I truly can do whatever it is that I put my mind to. I can make it through. I believe that our minds are our biggest, true opponents, but if we can win it, we can surely win almost anything. Life is too short & too long, to not be everything we can and are meant to be. I am my biggest battle, but I am also my biggest savior.

So tell me, what it your perception?



Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash


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A Deep Soul, Dreamer, a girl with too many thoughts, or maybe just enough. Perhaps an empath, hoping to share her deepest thoughts to maybe help someone find theirs.

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