Hey Squat. :)

I know you probably don’t want to hear from me right now….so in case you’re back on here looking for that one post I said was for you but you chose one you liked instead lol…here is one for you to read in the mean time while you are sorting stuff out.

I probably owe it to you.

Because I am not as good at cheering you up as you probably are for me. (K. This is softie me again).

I promise you are so worth it. You are so good enough.
(I know you’re rolling your eyes at me because my texts say otherwise lol).

But I know it. You are gonna treat a girl so right. You already do.

I know it in the way you break into jokes just to make me laugh because you already know I’m not feeling my best. Or when you know I feel bad for something I said or did, but you overlook it and just make me smile instead.

I know it in the way you pull your car forward for me just so I don’t have to parallel lol.

I know it in the way you look out for me when we are being dragged in life-threatening adventures, even though I know you’re scared too lol.

I know it in the way you forgive me that I can’t cook boiled pork & veggies, so you don’t hesitate to say it’s okay because you’ll cook it for me instead.

I know it in the way we fight & roast each other so bad, because you are always the first one to say sorry (even though I know I said something way better).

You say it’s selfish of you to ask to be with someone like me. But I mean it when I say it’s the other way.

I keep to myself for very good reasons. We are in different places. And no it has nothing to do with my big, non-Louis Vuitton bag, my “gated house” that only you cannot get in, nor my high-class self that needs to be watching movies in ULTRA.

You da bomb k. No one can do squats like you.

Cheer up pleaseee. 🙂 Of course, after you take all the time you need. I’ll go away now because I know how much you dislike me.

-Natalie. The girl with the mosquito-bitten legs.



  1. Squat

    Hey Natalie. 🙂

    I know you do probably want to hear from me right now… so in case you’re back on here writing another beautiful and deep post that you usually write, take a break, here is one for you.

    You don’t owe me anything. Well, let me reword that, you actually owe me like $2 for the Gatorade you drunk and like $5 for the Flaming Hot Cheetos I got you on our “dangerous” secret mission. (My prices are quite high, blame it on Super America though).

    Because I am very good at cheering you up, have your mosquito-bitten legs healed yet? Girlllll, you need to put Tiger Balm on it. I told you so many times.. Ughhh. Guess you’ll have to wear pants all summer then. (Oh yeah, you’re a big softie.. I already know that). 🙂

    I promise you are worth it. You are way more than just “good enough”. You’re perfect. (By the way, I don’t even know how to roll my eyes lol. Teach me please.).

    I know it in the way I offered my hand to you and you replied “Just this once…” with a low-key happy grin on your face but then noticed I was holding onto your hand even harder (I got soo many Butterfrees in my stomach that day).

    I know it in the way you felt bad for me that one day when no one wanted to dance with me, so you offered to dance with me. You’re really good at dancing by the way. A lot better than I thought.

    I know it in the way you ALWAYS have better rebuttals then I do when we fight/roast each others but you always hold back.. (You’re a savage sometimes).

    I do mean it when I say it’s selfish of me to be with you. Look at all of this hurt I’ve somehow caused you in this short amount of time we’ve know each others. The only unselfish thing I can really only do for you is “leave first” and prevent anything else from hurting you. Let me be the one that hurts for once, I feel as if you already do hurt more than enough. Natalie, if you’re happy then I’m happy.

    No one will EVER do squats like me.. have you seen my booty?!? It’s nice. You should definitely check it out sometimes (When I’m not looking, of course).

    You were not just “something new” to me.. For once, a girl with a big, non-Louis Vuitton bag, “gated house”, and high-class self actually made my heart pound.. And it felt great. You are beautiful, talented, and kind. Anyone would be lucky to have you.

    -Squat. The guy who would never “repel” the girl with the mosquito-bitten legs.

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    1. This is the sweetest letter I’ve gotten in a long while. Perfectly written. 🙂 thank you for the extremely kind words & for making my day. Seriously. Also, thanks for being strong and an awesome friend. Rooting for your growth and success 🙂


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