I am going to Write.

I am going to write to my heart’s desire this week, not caring if anyone reads, but just for me. Because initially, I only wanted to write for people. Write things that someone else could read, something that they could bring into their life too. But because I haven’t been able to write for myself first, it’s hard for me to write for others. Because I am simply healing people the way I want to be healed too.

I am going to write for me until the pain runs out and I am okay. Until I can have a clear grasps of all the things that hurt, I cannot share all the things I’ve learned.

So from today, the dark things that I write, are just snippets of a moment in time. I still hurt, but I have also learned, I have grown, I have changed.

I will write. Until there are no more things left to say. I can no longer pretend. And I can no longer only give.

This is my take.

And until I am back on my feet, I will be taking care of myself in every way my soul desires. I am doing what I want. Pleasing is my weakness. So just for now, I ask the Universe that this time is mine.

This time is mine.


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