[Poem] Unanswered.

Unanswered. Unanswered are the calls, that ring at a time I was used to, but are faded into a distant memory; almost like deja vu. Like, what do I say if I pick up? There’s only one greeting my lips are accustomed to at such a time, and it wouldn’t be for you. Strange. Unanswered are…

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A Happy 23rd.

I like to alternate from writing for others and myself. Healthy, deep care for others, always starts with Self-Care. 🙂 Well, I’m officially 23. 23 is such an odd stage, I think. It’s 2 years after 21, and 2 years before the big ole quarter-of-a-century, 25. Eeek. Lol. ‘Eeek’ but somehow I’m so excited to be…

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Heartbreak Never Stops.

When other boys are out here breaking my heart, I wish you’d be the man to save me. I wish you were the one who knew me best, and I wish you were the one who would do anything to keep me safe. I wish you were the one who knew my every pain, and…

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